Party Platters

A sample of Mimi’s favorite Party Platters.

corporate cateringBreakfast Pastry Platter – $7.95 per person

Assorted muffins, scones & danishes served w/ sweet butter,
cream cheese & fruit preserves

Fresh Fruit Platter

Assortment of sliced fresh fruit & berries
Small (serves 8-12) $35
Medium (14-18) $65
Large (20-25) $95

Cheese Platter

Selection of imported & domestic cheeses w/ fresh grapes, nuts & dried fruit
Served w/ crostini & assorted crackers
Small Serves 10-12) $50
Medium (15-20) $75
Large (25) $125

Smoked Salmon Platter – $8.95 per person

Sliced smoked salmon w/ capers, sliced red onion & cream cheese
Served w/ assorted bagels

Crudite Platter

Assorted seasonal vegetables serves w/ choice of spinach dip,
caramelized onion dip or roasted tomato dip
Small ( serves up to 20) $45
Large ( up to 50) $85

Antipasto Platter

Imported & domestic cheeses, cured sausages, olives, dried fruit served w/ crostinis and crackers
Small (15-20) $65 Large (25-30) $125

Roasted Seasonal Vegetable Platter – $8.95 per person

Fillet of Beef Platter

Grilled whole fillet of beef served w/choice of horseradish sauce or sweet mustard sauce  w/ assorted rolls  Serves 10-12 $200

Cold Poached Wild Salmon

Served w/ cucumber yogurt dill sauce garnished w/ fresh dill & cucumber  serves 8-10 $140

Roasted Salmon Platter

Served w/ wilted leek-roasted tomato-white wine sauce or polenta & sauteed spinach  serves 8-10  $150

Savory Tart Platter – $8.95 per person

Butternut squash-goat cheese tart, apple roquefort tart,
fresh tomato-gruyere tart, zucchini-cheddar tart, asparagus-cheddar, spinach-feta, sweet potato-smoked cheddar
Choice of 2 tarts

Sandwich Platter – $10.95 per person

Smoked turkey, cheddar, grilled onion, mixed greens & herb mayo
Chicken salad of the day w/ mixed greens
Honey ham, gruyere, pickles, mixed greens & honey mustard sauce
Italian salami, gruyere, roast tomato, arugula & balsamic glaze
Roast beef, pickled red onion, mixed greens & horseradish spread
Roasted vegetable & goat cheese wrap
Fresh roast turkey breast, cheddar, fresh apple, mixed greens & Russian dressing
Albacore tuna salad w/ fresh tomato & mixed greens
Choice of 3 sandwiches

Salad Platter – $8.95 per person

Greek Orzo salad
Roast garnet yam salad w/ chili lime dressing
Old fashioned potato salad
Buttermilk coleslaw
Apricot ginger cous cous salad
Fusilli w/ grilled green beans,chic peas,red onion,fresh tomato & parmesan
Golden beet salad w/cucumber, sprouted peas & moscatel vinaigrette
Fresh corn, heirloom tomato,green bean salad (seasonal)
Mimi’s carrot slaw w/ raisins & cumin dressing
Quinoa salad w butternut squash,sage & golden raisins
Wheatberry salad w/ cranberries, cucumber & maple vinaigrette
Cucumber salad w/ tomatoes,red onion, w/ sweet & sour dressing
Fresh kale salad w/ pecans, pickled onions,raisins & blue cheese
Roasted potato salad w/ dill & whole grain mustard sauce
Chic pea salad w/ celery, roasted tomatoes,capers & parmesan
Apple celery salad w/ walnuts,raisins & buttermilk dressing
Fruit salad
Choice of 2 salads

Dessert Platter – $6.95 per person

Assorted cookies,brownies,lemon bars,pecan bars

Breakfast Coffee & Tea Service – $3.00 per person


Fresh orange juice – $3.00 per person
Homemade lemonade iced tea sweetened w/ organic cane sugar
Passionfruit iced tea sweetened w/ agave
Small $3.00 large $3.75

Gus’s all natural sodas  $3.00 each

Orders must be placed 2 days in advance
Minimum of 10 people
50% deposit required

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