Mimi’s Plate is proud to support and embrace local purveyors, many of whom Mimi counts on for her everyday needs as well as for her fabulous parties.

Summertime is a great season to show off local produce, fresh cut flowers and a wedding cake.

mimi's plateIn this case, “The Quintessential Wedding Menu” was mentioned a few weeks ago in Mimi’s news blog. We thought it might be interesting for our followers to know where Mimi sourced some of the items she used to create the party as well as give props to the dedicated locals and people she considers friends, who bring you these extraordinary supplies.

The wedding flowers were freshly picked and arranged by Joy Macy of Bluefield Farm in Blauvelt, NY. Joy is a Master Gardener who provided Mimi’s client with seasonal fresh flowers from her historical property – located at 690 Western Highway, Blauvelt, NY.

“The freshness of their flowers and the artistry of their arrangements are the added value that drives their popularity at the Farmer’s Market. Mason jars stuffed with wildflowers, bouquets of purples, pinks and yellows, and tall, fragrant lilies bring a brilliant splash of color.

Bluefield Farms is a young farm on a very old parcel of land. This is their fifth year selling flowers at the Nyack Farmers Market. The property has a long history as a working farm, but was slated for subdivision and development in 1998. If not for the efforts of Joy Macy and the members of Bluefield Farms, this example of historical and agricultural preservation would have been lost.” – Nyack News & Views
Joy and her husband continue to live on the property, alongside many chickens, cashmere goats and a sea of flowers.

Produce is supplied by local “go to” produce man, John D’Amico of D’Amico’s – located at 460 Demerest Avenue, Closter, NJ.

“John belongs to a dwindling breed: the family farmer. He got started in the business at the age of 9. He climbed an apple tree on the family’s 1,000 acres in central Jersey, plucking the fruit that had gone unpicked. He brought baskets of apples home to Closter and decided to set up his own roadside farm stand.

D’Amico draws on his agrarian background, knowing the best time to buy the choicest blackberries, cucumbers, corn, squash and tomatoes to stock in his store. And he’s resistant to buying a bigger truck that would cut down on the number of produce-buying trips. “Making more trips means fresher quality,” he said.”

The three-tiered wedding cake with chocolate and strawberry layers, off-white butter cream frosting and gorgeous edible flower decorations was created by Riviera Bakehouse – located at 660 Saw Mill River Drive, Ardsley, NY

mimi's plate

At The Riviera Bakehouse, everything is made in-house, from scratch and on demand using only the best ingredients. Mother-daughter bakers Kaye and Liv Hansen turn out some of the most charming, refreshingly eccentric cakes ever to grace a birthday or wedding celebration.

Mimi’s Plate produces a large number of parties for her own local clientele and she is very particular about quality. Mimi turns to local families who run their own farms and fill the baskets of many culinary fans throughout Rockland County. It makes sense to patronize small businesses and it drives the local economy. Small business owners, like Mimi, are proud and passionate about their “homegrown” products… so, think LOCAL the next time you need a party catered or have a wedding or important milestone to celebrate.