Mimi provides catering for a Manhattan company.

It is always interesting how clients find you. Mimi’s Plate was recently contacted by a young company in lower Manhattan via the online local services marketplace named “Thumbtack”. It turns out that the company, Mix Tape, needed to find a caterer to put on a client party at their offices. The person contacting Mimi said that his former college roomate’s name was “Mimi” – inspiring him to contact Mimi’s Plate.

As it turned out Mix Tape did in fact book their party with Mimi’s Plate and asked Mimi to put together a menu that would work for younger clientele who had a variety of health-conscious tastes including vegan choices.

Here is what Mimi served for the 40-50 person party in March:

  • Savory tart platter
  • Antipasto platter
  • Thai spring roll platter

mimi's plate

Passed Hors d’oeuvres:

  • Smoked salmon on wonton crisp w/ wasabi sauce
  • Mini potato pancakes w/ pear compote & creme fraiche.

mimi's plate

The first party with Mix Tape was a big success and Mimi’s Plate was asked again to provide a fun and alternative menu for another client party for Mix Tape next week. Mimi provided them with this creative menu below.

Passed Hors d’oeuvres:

  • Mini buffalo chicken meatballs
  • Fig and goat cheese turnovers
  • Mini caramelized onion, kalamata olive, manchego cheese pizzas
  • Mini gruyere scallion biscuits w/ pastrami & mustard sauce
  • Sesame crusted chicken satays w/ chinese black bean sauce
  • Fresh figs stuffed w/ maytag blue cheese and arugula
  • Thai shrimp and vegetable spring rolls w/ dipping sauce
  • (some w/o shrimp)
  • Seared sushi grade tuna on crostini w/ pickled onion and dill mayo

This time Mimi’s Plate will pass the appetizers creating a completely interactive party for her Mix Tape clients.

It’s amazing how clients find you. Word of mouth is generally the way that client’s find Mimi. Reputation and consistency is tantamount in the catering business and as they say; “You are only as good as your last party!”

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