mimi's plateMimi’s Plate retail store is located at 33 Old Tappan Road, Tappan, NY – in case you haven’t had the sensory pleasure of visiting us in person.

On a typical morning Mimi and her staff are busy baking the scone of the day along with cupcakes, gluten-free cookies, pastries, cakes and even donuts! Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook.

When you walk in the door the display of freshly baked goods is often irresistible and the coffee is fresh, hot and strong.

Did you know that stout beer and chocolate compliment each other? Try our twist on these delicious St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes starting Tuesday, March 11th.

Check out our 2014 St. Patty’s Day menu. On Monday, March 17th Mimi’s Plate will feature some incredible Irish fare that will be far from “typical”.

While you are at it check out the tantalizing food platters displayed in the cold case and the 2-3 hot homemade soup selections.

Mimi is particular about incorporating organic seasonal ingredients and is not shy about pairing roasted vegetables and fresh herbs into mains and side dishes.

It all just works!