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Passover – Easter Menu


No need to sweat it out in the kitchen when you can have the pros at Mimi’s Plate cater your holiday meal this year.

Chopped chicken liver $ 8 1/2 pint
Butternut squash apple bisque $12 qt
Deviled eggs w/chive aioli $18 doz
Matzoh ball soup $14 qt
Mini salmon basil cakes w/ tartar sauce $24 dz
Spinach goat cheese pinwheels $21 dz

Main course
Braised brisket w/ aromatic spices $19lb
Roasted turkey breast $17lb
Roasted lamb shanks w/ fennel & red wine $18pp
Apricot glazed spiral ham 8lb approx. $13lb

Potato latkes $2.50 each
Apple sauce $8 pint
Turkey gravy $8pint $15qt
Seasonal roasted vegetables $13lb
Grilled asparagus w/ toasted almonds & lemon zest $14lb
Tsimmes $12lb
Sweet potato casserole w/ candied pecans $13lb
Mashed potatoes $9lb
Three pea spring salad $13lb
Roasted broccoli & rainbow cauliflower w meyer lemon $13lb

Flourless Chocolate Cake 7” $38
Lemon almond coconut macaroons $2.50 each Apple crisp w/ matzoh crumb topping or reg $9.50lb
Mini lemon curd tarts w/ whipped cream $3each

Please place orders by March 24th