New Summer Menu Ideas

Mimi offers some summer menu ideas, suitable for your next event or affair. Main dishes Grilled skirt steak roulade w/ fresh herb filling & chimichurri sauce Poached shrimp & cucumber salad w/ dill crème fraiche Grilled swordfish skewers w/ basil aioli Grilled NY strip steaks w/ horseradish mustard sauce Grilled marinated flank steak tostadas with [...]

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Mimi is Local!

Mimi’s Plate is proud to support and embrace local purveyors, many of whom Mimi counts on for her everyday needs as well as for her fabulous parties. Summertime is a great season to show off local produce, fresh cut flowers and a wedding cake. […]

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The Quintessential Summer Wedding Menu

Just like the Beatles tune; “If there’s anything that you want. If there’s anything I can do. Just call on me and I’ll send it along…” “With love from Mimi to you.” And love it is…when a local couple approached Mimi to cater their wedding for 55 close friends and family members this August, [...]

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Corporate Catering, Moroccan Style!

Moroccan is in! Mimi’s Plate has been cooking Moroccan for many years now and just last week the New York Times food section featured an article about this delicious ethnic-themed cuisine and how current it is in NYC restaurants. […]

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Mimi Does Manhattan!

Mimi provides catering for a Manhattan company. It is always interesting how clients find you. Mimi’s Plate was recently contacted by a young company in lower Manhattan via the online local services marketplace named “Thumbtack”. It turns out that the company, Mix Tape, needed to find a caterer to put on a client party [...]

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